Catriona's Gym Experience

The following post was kindly written for us by one of our lovely gym members, Catriona. Everything is completely in her own words, to help you see what it is really like to train at Intent 2 Improve.

Getting Fit For 50

The big 5-0 is less than 18 months away. I am twice the size I was twenty-five years ago. Sadly, literally. I failed to be fit at forty and my weight has kept on creeping up. We all know how hard it is to find time to exercise, and even harder to make the first step.

With a long commute, a desk job which involves exercising my mind rather than my body, I have been putting off getting fit. For years. Half hearted diets, wafting around the gym and the occasional holiday swim, offset with a love of good food and wine and everything was getting tighter. Easy to say too tired, too busy and I’ll get around to it while enjoying some artisan cheese and craft gin.

Avoiding full length mirrors and putting my head in the sand, I was always telling myself and my husband that I would get around to it. Then the menopause hit and with it a trip to the doctors. I need to lose weight, it will help me feel better and alleviate the symptoms.

Luckily my husband had seen the adverts for Intent 2 Improve and the one month trial. He needs to lose weight and decided to sign up. I told him if he managed a month then I would join him. Secretly hoping he’d get bored, not enjoy it and I could enjoy some Italian ice cream while wondering why the zip on my dress was sticking.

What a Difference a Month Makes

I thought I knew my husband inside out. He proved me wrong. It wasn’t easy, he came back from his first session aching and exhausted. But. And this is what is so important. He went back. He spoke to one of the team and explained how he’d felt. They listened and altered the programme. He was given advice on how to warm down and manage his recovery. I noticed his shoulders getting more defined, he was standing straighter, he was looking confident. He had more energy. I had to honour my side of the bargain…

First Impressions Count

I wasn’t nervous on my first session because my husband had said Intent 2 Improve does just what the name says. They help everyone reach their goals and it is a mix of people at different levels of fitness. It’s a small but perfectly formed gym, you train with three other people and sometimes it might just be two of you.

My first session was just me and the trainer. From the moment I walked in I felt comfortable. Yes I was in lycra and a t-shirt that was no longer baggy, but I soon forgot about what I looked like and focused on the exercises. The fifty minutes flew by. I tried weights, did stretches, cycled and even ran on the running machine which I had only ever eyed suspiciously in the past. For someone who would rather lie down than sit down, you are put through your paces but the trainers explain each exercise and its purpose. They also listen to you and how your body is responding.

Throughout it all I was encouraged, supported and motivated. I was shown how to move, asked questions and felt really, really proud of myself. Not something I often say and certainly not when it comes to exercise!

Ten Sessions

I have just completed my tenth session, exercise together with my husband and am really excited! It may take several more months before I utter the words that I enjoy exercising but I am so proud of us. We are pushing each other and being developed by the team at Intent 2 Improve. Lifting heavier weights, spending more time on the bike and rowing machine and conquering the plank. Even learning new movements and not walking like a T-Rex with aching arms but feeling slightly stiff and beaming. There are lumps and bumps and wobbles but I have a waist of sorts, my ankles are looking rather shapely and my double chin is receding!

Don’t wait another day, another year, another decade. Invest in yourself and take the first step. You won’t regret it. It’s hard at times, it hurts on occasion but when a colleague asks you if you’ve lost weight and says you are looking good, you know you are on the right path.

Really looking forward to seeing my family at Christmas, with a former marathon running mother and triathlete sister. I didn’t inherit the exercise gene but thanks to the team at Intent 2 Improve I can show them that I am taking control of my health and fitness. And perhaps, just perhaps my sister might stop mentioning that time I told her that her clothes were too big for me all those years ago…

Start Your Own Journey…

If Catriona’s experience has resonated with you and you are ready to make an investment in yourself, please visit our 30-Day Trial page for more information on how to take that next step and submit an enquiry. We hope to hear from you very soon.