Myzone belt

Why do we use the Myzone system?

Fitness tracking is something we’re all familiar with these days, and many of us either own or have used some sort of wearable tech. The Myzone system is a wearable, heart-rate based system that has become an integral part of our service at Intent 2 Improve. Both members and coaches love it and it’s one example of how we used innovation to deliver an exceptional fitness experience.

What is Myzone?

Myzone combines wearable tech with a fun, interactive app and an in-gym display system that allows both the coaches and members to regulate performance and recovery. All Intent 2 Improve members receive a Myzone belt when they start, and this powerful tool has the effect of increasing effort levels, and therefore results – it’s surprising how much impact seeing how hard you’re trying can have.

The system uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately monitor physical activity and produce real-time data, all of which is displayed on our screens on the gym floor. Myzone monitors heart rate, calories and time spent exercising and converts this data in Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). The focus is on rewarding effort rather than fitness, and in-built app gamification means that members earn plaudits for their efforts over time.

What Are The Benefits?

First and foremost Myzone helps you get the most appropriate intensity of workout every time you visit Intent 2 Improve. Long-term fitness is not about red-lining your body every session. Myzone helps us push you when appropriate, but pull back when needed.

Visiting the gym now becomes about outcome rather than input. Every member’s goal is to achieve 1,300 MEPs per month. If this takes you 15 training sessions at first, great. If you can get it done in 10, well done! There is absolutely nothing magic about going to the gym for a strict amount of days per week or for a set amount of time. Myzone helps you to understand whether you’ve hit your own targets that month or not.

It also levels the playing field of fitness. It’s no secret that as a member of Intent 2 Improve you will share a gym with some impressively fit and strong folk. Myzone helps us to communicate that succeeding in the gym is entirely about You vs You. If ‘Steven’ can deadlift 100KG for 5 reps while you’re working hard and maintaining form at 45KG, and you’re both working at 75% on Myzone then you’re matched in terms of effort.  

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using the Myzone system is that it moves the conversation of fitness success away from what you weigh on a set of scales. Using the combination of Myzone and our InBody 270 System we’ll show you hard data about how you are improving and what you need to work on to keep that going. That’s a significant shift – results become a tangible and measurable thing and you begin to buy in to a mindset change, focussing on real progression that’s all about future-proofing YOU.

Finally, Myzone is a community platform. You can connect and interact with other users of Myzone and not just Intent 2 Improve members, but anyone using the Myzone system. Our members use it to congratulate and support one another on their achievements – it’s an extension of the community spirit that we see day in, day out in our gym. 

How Does It Work?

Myzone works on a points system. You earn points for active time spent in varying percentage brackets of your maximum heart rate. Every month, members need to earn 1300 MEPs in order to be ranked on the Myzone app, which demonstrates the focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness.

When you activate your belt in-gym a tile will appear on the screen that shows your (nick)name, and in real-time your calories burned, effort level (% of max heart rate), heart rate and Myzone Effort points (MEPs). 

What do the colours mean?

Your tile changes colour depending on the effort level that you’re working at. This is what the colours represent. 

Grey = working at 50-59% of max heart rate – Earns 1 MEP/minute

Blue = working at 60-69% of max heart rate  – Earns 2 MEPs/minute

Green = working at 70-79% of max heart rate  – Earns 3 MEPs/minute

Yellow = working at 80-89% of max heart rate  – Earns 4 MEPs/minute

Red = working at 90-100% of max heart rate  – Earns 4 MEPs/minute 

Exercising in either the Red or Yellow Zones will earn you 4 MEPs/min because Myzone does not want to encourage overtraining by rewarding the Red Zone with more MEPs. 

Once the session is complete, the data will automatically transfer to your Myzone account, accessible from a smartphone or computer. You’ll also receive an email with all of your stats from the session, which can be viewed while your feet are up at home recovering from the great session you’ve just had! Myzone is for anyone who wants an accurate, gamified way to train to help keep motivation high. And, according to Myzone, the wearable monitor has a 99.4% heart rate accuracy.

What about the rankings?

Members need to achieve 1300 MEPs every month to work their way up the rankings. It’s a great way to help motivate you to exercise regularly – and this doesn’t have to be in the gym. If you’re supplementing your workouts with Intent 2 Improve with other exercise, eg running, and wearing the Myzone belt this will all be logged too. 

If a member earns 1300 MEPs over consecutive months, they are awarded with the following rankings: 

IRON – 1 Month 

BRONZE –  3 Months 

SILVER – 6 Months

GOLD – 12 Months 

PLATINUM – 24 Months 

DIAMOND – 36 Months

HALL OF FAME – 48 Months

We’ve seen tremendous buy-in from members with the ranking system. Reports of members taking belts on holiday with them are not uncommon for fear of losing their precious Myzone status! It is an extremely effective way of helping you stay on top of your fitness when you otherwise might not have. All in all, Myzone does a great job in creating community engagement, fun, competitiveness, data and accountability amongst all our members, so it gets a big thumbs up from us!

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