Patrick's Gym Experience

The following post was kindly written for us by one of our awesome gym members, Patrick. Last week, we shared his wife Catriona’s experience of joining us. As you will have read, Catriona’s agreement was that is Pat lasted the full 30-Day Trial, she’d join too. Here’s where it all started for them both… Everything is completely in his own words, to help you see what it is really like to train at Intent 2 Improve.

A Gentleman’s M.O.T.

Hi. My name is Pat and I’m 56.

When I turned 50, I embarked upon what I happily called a gentleman’s MOT. It was not a fun experience, let me be very clear! I ended up buying an extremely large pill box which my wonderful wife still looks after to this day. This was because of deep set problems like childhood asthma, along with surprises like atopic eczema, plus the classic diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol triumvirate.

Already a happy go lucky story!

I work from home. I had tried and failed getting off my chair and out of the door so many times it was embarrassing. 10k steps every day – a day! I’ve wasted numerous gym memberships too. To be honest I’d started to give up on my fitness completely.

I’ve lived in Buckingham for more than three years and I really love the town, so I was surprised and sorry to see the lovely, vintage car shop go. Especially so after I saw a sign for a gym specialising in personal training appear on the site – with my history, not a great fit!

When Intent 2 Improve opened it looked very impressive, and my Gentleman’s MOT subconsciously kicked in again. My latest visit to the hospital had reminded me of the old and informed me of new medical issues. A trip to Menorca confirmed how beach body unready I was, yet again. So, when I saw Intent 2 Improve on local social media while I was away, I was interested.

I completed the form online, Richard replied really quickly, and we booked in a chat soon after. He took me through the gym and the facilities, and what the one-month trial involved. I suggested that it was a free 30-day trial. He was very clear how wrong I was about that, and that putting my hand in my pocket very quickly would be a good thing! I signed up straight away.

[Note from Rich: There is zero sales pressure at any stage of our onboarding journey, but we firmly believe that to get great results you must invest in yourself and take every step of the process as seriously as you would a transaction for your home, car or family.]

Over the years I have accumulated a variety of pieces of fitness equipment, none of which have in any way improved my fitness! They have all been impulse buys, and I haven’t followed through on the fine ideas which drove me to buy them. This was pretty much because I never had a plan, so it was extremely easy for my commitment to wane very, very quickly.

However, walking through the door of Intent 2 Improve I saw a compact and focused set of equipment, and met an expert team. In my first session it was apparent immediately that the 50 minutes were highly structured. Every element was explained to me. This approach really helps because it is important for me to understand why I am doing something and especially what the benefits are.

I’ve since signed up for the full programme. My wife has too after seeing the difference just one month made in me. My breathing and stamina have improved considerably. I feel so much more confident in my body – I have a long-standing vow to never wear shorts in the UK! Since joining Intent 2 Improve I have inflicted my uber pasty legs on the poor, un-suspecting citizens of Buckingham far too often.

The guys are amazing. They push you, but it’s measured and considered. I feel really lucky.

It feels like I’ve found another home.

Start Your Own Journey…

If Pat’s experience has resonated with you and you are ready to make an investment in yourself, please visit our 30-Day Trial page for more information on how to take that next step and submit an enquiry. We hope to hear from you very soon.