How We Measure Client Progress

Everything we do at Intent 2 Improve is results driven. So much so that we plastered it across the front of our building. To faciliate this, our specialist programs are broken down into 12 week blocks and, at the end of each block, we run a testing week in our gym.
This is not as daunting as it may sound. It has become something that our members psychologically buy-in to and look forward to.
It gives our members a measurable way to know how they are improving in strength, fitness, power and body composition.  
Testing back squat at Intent 2 Improve
How The Tests Work
We cover these tests specifically as it gives us data in each of the categories that we deem important and it means that we’re looking at and measuring a plethora of different things. While some of our members are focussed on lifting a new PB, for others their stamina is key. 
Our aim at Intent 2 Improve is to help members meet their goals whilst providing best-in-class full body conditioning. We couple this with expert guidance on nutrition. 
We measure to technical failure. In other words, the point at which you can maintain perfect technique and peform the target reps, not maximal effort at the cost of form.

Broad Jump

The broad jump is a very simple and low skill exercise to help us gauge short explosive power.

Back Squat 5 Rep Max

Testing the Back Squat, although predominately lower body, tests your ability to engage your core muscles in order to keep structural integrity throughout the movement. 
Rack Pull 5 Rep Max
The Rack Pull is the king of all exercises to test whole body strength and overall athleticism. To have a strong Rack Pull you need the ability to collectively engage all of your core muscles, coupled with good quality movement.
30-Second Row (Anaerobic Fitness)

The 30 second row is a short test on your anaerobic engine i.e. your short term energy system and your ability to produce force combined with general cardiovascular fitness.
2-Minute Cardio Test of Choice (Aerobic Fitness)

This is a slightly longer test on your aerobic engine i.e. your more endurance based energy system. Again another great way to test your general fitness.
We have a set of testing standards on display in the gym. Members are not pressured to meet these standards, but for those motivated by it, it’s a good point of reference/motivation.
Testing week is all about you vs you, we don’t expect you to PB in every element every single quarter. But it gives us real data on what to focus on over the next quarter.
Preparing to broad jump
Accountability Beyond Testing Week
Our fitness programs are designed in 12 week blocks, with incremental changes (known as progressive overload), this way we are methodical in the way you progress. All you need to do is turn up consistently and follow the plan.
On the micro level we use MyZone and the InBody machine to measure performance. These tools help us to get the best out of our members, day in day out.
Testing Week is our macro level performance measure. It holds us accountable to each other when we set goals.
While you may have just missed the last testing week, there is no better time to get started than now, it all starts with our 30-Day PT Trial.
Testing week at Intent 2 Improve