What I’ve Learned...

What I’ve learned about people over the last 7 years spent in the fitness industry and how it shapes what we offer today.


I’ve spent the last 7 years as a personal trainer and have worked in almost every facet of the fitness industry. I can honestly say that I’ve been there and done it, training every body from senior citizens to professional footballers. 

This experience has taught me many things. Below are a few of the guiding principles that provide the foundations on how and why Intent 2 Improve offers what we do today.


1.) Avoid speaking in absolutes.

Too often people think they are either on or a diet or they’re getting fatter. Speaking in these absolutes sets you up for failure before you’ve even started. Draw a line in the sand and from this day forward, you will focus on progress not perfection.

2.) People need solutions not lessons.

People don’t need the annual spin of “X Celebrity Get Fit With Me Book” launched 3 weeks before Christmas. 

People need solutions, that fit in with their lifestyles. See point 7 for ours…


3.) Semi-private training is the best option for 99% of people.

The fitness industry is still having to shake off the perception that training with a coach is either one to one, or 40 people lost in a class.

Our semi-private format allows far greater flexibility in the diary, to fit around wor, social and parenting commitments. 

It offers a more supportive and sociable environment. Rather than just one coach, you will meet and make new friends who also keep you accountable and encourage you.

We’re also able to be very competitive on price compared to a mediocre one to one trainer. You can get access to an expert coach, more often and for less money. It’s a no brainer.

“But won’t I get better coaching if I’m alone?” you ask…

I firmly believe that the test of a good coach is being able to offer the same quality of service to each individual within a small group of 3-4 as they could in a private 1 to 1 setting.

Our semi-private format in action.

4.) Consistency is everything.

I often use metaphors that relate to more familiar areas of peoples lives to explain their fitness progress. 

Many people are great at stashing away 5-10% of their pay check for 20+ years because they know it’ll accumulate with compounding interest. 

This individual will likely live a happier, better balanced life than the adrenaline junkie who takes their inheritance to the casino “with a plan.” 

Those that understand eating in moderation, exercising regularly and improving their sleep, over a period of years will gain much greater results than whatever pill or potion your neighbour is flogging over the garden fence.


5.) There is much more to fitness than weight loss.

I can’t remember who said it now, but one of the best quotes I’ve heard in my career was something along the lines of; 

“If you could bottle all of the benefits of exercise and sell it as a drug, you could afford Bill Gates as your assistant.”

It’s true. Well, I’m not sure on Bill’s retirement plans. But the benefits of exercise beyond just body image are absolutely immense.


6.) Some people just aren’t ready for change.

Change is hard. If it wasn’t we’d all be walking around in the best shape of our life, unable to wipe to smile from our face and the fast food industry would be crumbling.

Sometimes people just aren’t ready to add something new and often daunting to their lives and that’s OK. So long as we are being honest with ourselves, do not guilt yourself because somebody who doesn’t know you/your lifestyle says “the time is now!!! Pay me!!!”


7.) Make it ridiculously easy for people to take the first step, and then the second, third, fourth…

With the above said, when people are ready, we make it ridiculously easy for them to get started.

There is a specific reason why we offer a structured 30-day trial of our services. Instead of shouting through the noise of social media “try us, try us, try us”, we’ve taken all of the guess work, decision making and confusion out of taking that first step. 

No need to worry about what type of training you want to do without having experienced it. No need to decide on how often you want to train, or which trainer to choose when you do get there. We won’t even poke and prod you in an “assessment” to remind you of what you already know.

You’ll have 30-days to kick the tyres, test yourself and make progress in an environment that has literally been built to understand and support people just like you.

Scheduling couldn’t be easier thanks to our easy-to-use App. There is no stress if you can’t stick to the same times each week, you have 50+ session times to choose from and are in complete control of your bookings.

You will also be trained by our team of coaches. Meaning that despite following a structured and personalised program, things stay fresh and interesting from session to session.


Test drive our personal training, kick the tyres (coaches) and let us prove what our program can do for you.